CrossFit Real Fitness
Naples, Florida


Real Fitness is a unique and spacious facility with a tremendous, family-like member base. Our community mentality allows all members to feel that they are not only a part of a workout, but a way of life.

With encouragement and accountability from our Certified CrossFit Coaches, Hospitality Team, and members of CrossFit Real Fitness, there is opportunity for all fitness levels to improve and excel. Whether that means becoming a more well-rounded athlete, losing weight, becoming stronger, or just striving to live a healthier and better lifestyle, we are here for you every step of the way.

In July 2012, CrossFit Real Fitness expanded into a new facility to meet the demand of its fast-growing community as well as to be able to offer additional services which set us apart from the rest.

Our Amenities

  • We are the largest CrossFit facilty in Lee and Collier County, with over 8,500 square feet at our disposal.

  • We are the largest in terms of the number of athletes, having over 250 members.

  • We have the best coaching and programming in the area, with four Level 1 CrossFit Coaches, one Level 2 CrossFit Coach,   and two Level 1 USA Weightlifting Coaches.

  • Our entire 8,500 Square foot facility is AIR CONDITIONED. We are the only CrossFit gym to have air conditioning in             SouthWest Florida.

  • We are open twice as much as any other CrossFit gym in the region. We are open 15 hours a day during the week, 5 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday.

  • We have more classes than any other CrossFit gym in the region.

  • We have full towel sevice, providing both workout hand towels and shower towels.

  • We have a full locker room complete with locker and showers for both men and women.

  • We have a full-service smoothie bar.

  • We distribute Fresh Fit Foods -

  • We carry a full line of supplements from various companies such as RSP, FitAid, SFH Progenex and Kill Cliff.

  • We have a dedicated team of Hospitality Staff members who strive to make the gym run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


If you are searching for excellence in training come visit us!

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